September 3rd, 2012

9H15 - 11H00: Session 1 (Chair : Prof. Dr. Samir Tata)

  • OperA+: A Multi-level, Multi-context Business Process Modeling Framework (invited Talk)
    Prof. Dr. Yao-hua Tan
  • Runtime logistic process orchestration based on business transaction choreography
    Wout Hofman.
  • Capability Modelling - Case of Logistics Capabilities
    Wassim Derguech and Sami Bhiri.

11H00 - 11H30: Coffee Break

11H30 - 12H45: Session 2 (Chair : Prof. Dr. Yao-hua Tan)

  • Modeling Migration of Mobile Agents
    Borhene Marzoug, Khaled Hassine and Kamel Barkaoui.
  • A Supply Chain Management with Carbon Offsetting Credits
    Ichiro Satoh.
  • Event-B Formalisation for Dynamic Composition: a logistics-based process as a use case (short paper)
    Lazhar Hamel, Mohamed Graiet, Mourad Kmimech and Mohamed Tahar Bhiri.

12H45 -13H00 : Open discussion and closing remarks.

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