April 18-19th 2008 - FIAP Jean Monnet, 30 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris.

Under the auspices of ESEE

Public movements develop in France and Italy promoting "Sustainable De-growth". Politicians mention the word "de-growth".
The question reaches the researchers: The so-called "decoupling" between ecological degradation and economic growth appears insufficient after years of important eco-efficiency improvements.
This opens a new field of research:

  • Is "de-growth" of industrialised countries possible in the present context?
  • What are the social and institutional conditions required for a fair and sustainable economic de-growth process?
  • What would be the de-growth scenarios...?

More than 150 contributors answered to our call. We received more than 90 abstracts. 140 participants coming from almost 30 countries came on the conference.

Download the final declaration

This Declaration is the product of a workshop entitled “Toward a Declaration on Degrowth”, held at the Conference on Economic Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity in Paris on 18-19 April 2008. The goal of the workshop was to produce a Declaration that would not only reflect the points of view of the conference participants, but also articulate their shared vision of the Decroissance movement. Following the workshop, a “core” text was drafted by a sub-group on the basis of the workshop discussions, which was then refined through an open discussion amongst the remaining workshop participants.

The organisers wish to thank the following people for their participation: Michael Bell, Mauro Bonaiuti, Brian Czech, Dalma Domeneghini, Andreas Exner, Randy Ghent, Hali Healy, Daniel O'Neill, Leida Rijnhout, Avrizio Ruzzene, Francois Schneider, Stefanie Schabhuttl, and David Woodward.

This conference is a starting point, not a "one shot" event

The website will be updated as we will receive presentations and final papers. Please have a look on the "program" page.

When all final papers will be available, proceedings will be published. Several scientific editors made proposals to publish special editions, discussions are in progress.

Inquiries : contact(at)

The organisation team.

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